Top 20 Best Web Series on Hotstar in Hindi | You Need to Watch Right Now


If you’re looking for a Best Web series on Hotstar in Hindi that’ll take you on an exciting journey, you’ll want to check out the Hotstar web series!

Created by the team at Hotstar, this series is packed with action, adventure, and suspense. You’ll never guess what’ll happen next, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

So what are you waiting for? Start watching the best Hotstar web series in 2022 today!

Best Web Series on Hotstar in Hindi

1.Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach

IMBD Rating – 7.9

Another part of Criminal Justice starring Pankaj Tripathi is available on Hotstar. And this time Madhav Mishra raised a very tough case for his career. This time the body of a celebrity girl is found in the river. After scrutiny, keeping in view all the evidence, the police arrest his own brother as the culprit. Now how does Madhav Mishra fulfill this incomplete truth in the court? To know this incomplete truth, you have to complete 8 episodes of this series on Hotstar.


best hindi web series on hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 7.1

This series presents the brave story of the strongest soldiers of the Air Force, Navy, and Army, based on the real heroes of the country. Those who come together to save our country from danger. In this series, they form a special task force called the ‘Hawks’, a first-of-its-kind team that represents outstanding officers from all three areas of the Armed Forces. It has 8 episodes

3.Karm yuddh 

best hindi series on hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 8.6

This series shows the political fight between two royal families. Both of them are famous businessmen of Kolkata. At the beginning of the series, suddenly a factory catches fire and many people get burnt to death. It is the agency of CBI to solve this case. And while solving this case, many secrets are revealed. To watch 8 episodes of this interesting series, you have to open it on Hotstar.

4.Dahan : Rakan ka Rahasya

best hotstar web series
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IMBD Rating – 7.8

Dahan, starring Saurabh Shukla and Tisca Chopra, is a supernatural thriller series based on myths and superstitions, which was released on 16 September 2022 on Hotstar. The series is of 9 episodes with a 7.8 IMBD rating.

5.Ghar Wapsi

best hotstar web series hindi
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IMBD Rating – 8.8

This series is the story of a middle-class family, in which it is shown that Shekhar, the eldest son of a family, is fired from his job and returns to his home in Indore. He does not tell the family about leaving the job. What happens to a middle-class family boy after he loses his job? And how Shekhar’s life is changed forever during Shekhar’s self-discovery. To know this, watch this 6-episode series on the hoster

6.The Great Indian Murder 

best web series in hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 7.1

This series is full of crime action thriller and suspense. Which was released on Hotstar in 2022. In this series, a great officer is called to solve the mystery of the murder of a big business. A special thing about this series is that till the last episode, the suspense remains that the murderer you guessed but in the last, the killer is someone else. You have to watch the whole series to know the real killer. Every episode of this series ends in such a place that you will finish the whole series in a day. The series has 9 episodes.

7.Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

hindi web series in hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 6.7

Ajay Devgan starrer series Rudra is a crime, drama, and psychological series released on Hotstar. It is the Hindi remake of the British drama series “Luther”. Ajay Devgan played the role of a police officer in this series. In which he is seen solving different cases. But apart from this, something is going on in his personal life as well. which is interesting. It has a total of 6 episodes.


web series available on hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 8

Human is an Indian medical drama series on Hoster. In this series, the dark side of the medical world has been shown very well. What happens in the medical world? You have to watch 10 episodes of the series to get it

9.Escaype live 

indian web series to watch on hotstar
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It is a crime thriller series set in the modern world. Escaype Live is a social media app. In which short videos are made. Like reel and TikTok. It is shown in this. Content creators living in small towns take part in a competition on the app. In which the winner is going to get a huge amount of 3 crores. Now to what extent do content creators go to win the competition? And what do the owners of Escape Live do with the content creators? It has a total of 9 episodes.

10.Special Ops 

which is the best web series on hotstar
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IMBD Rating 8.6

This series focuses on the case of a terrorist attack in Parliament.

KK Menon Starrer Web Series Special Ops is a Hindi Action Crime Thriller Series, Streaming on Hotstar.

The series depicts how Himmat Singh and his team of five RAW agents have been searching for the mastermind of the Parliament attack for 19 years in disguise in different countries of the world. It is one of the best web series on Hotstar.

In 19 years, what strategy does Himmat Singh make to catch that mastermind? To know this, you have to complete 8 episodes of this series on Hotstar.

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11. Special Ops 1.5 

suspense series on hotstar in hindi
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IMBD Rating 8.3

This story is about Himmat Singh. It is shown in this series how Himmat Singh has become Himmat Singh.

This story is about the time when senior officers fall prey to a honey trap. It means that a beautiful girl makes a serious relationship with her and steals secret information from them. After that, all the officers who are victims of the honey traps die due to some unnatural reason.

To stop all this, the best officers of that time called to solve the matter, whose name is Himmat Singh. Now how does Himnat Singh solve the case? Do they themselves become the victim of honey traps or not? To see this, you have to watch this series of 4 episodes on Hotstar.

12. Aarya

best web series on hotstar in hindi
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IMBD Rating 7.8

This story is about a town in Rajasthan where three friends run an illegal drug business. Opium is mixed in large quantities and sold in many countries of the world. But one day one of the three is suddenly murdered.

Who is Arya’s husband? Arya is part of a royal family. The drug business is his family business. But he did not liked this opium business since childhood. But after the death of her husband, she gets involved in this business to keep her children safe and find her husband’s killer. Whereas the dangerous competitor of the business must have been an underworld don who becomes an obstacle in Arya’s path.

On the other hand, there is a policeman who is engaged in closing this opium business. Will Arya be able to continue her business by producing children from the police? Will the underworld don harm Arya? To know the answer, you have to open Hotstar now.It has 9 Episodes

Aarya has another season. So if you have seen Arya Season 1 then you are going to understand this story. Because it starts from where season 1 ends.

In Arya 1, Arya goes to Australia after apprehending her husband’s killer. This time the series shows that the court summons Arya as a witness to declare her husband’s killer as an accused. At present, Arya is safe in Australia with her children. But after coming to India, their troubles start again. The people of the underworld follow him. Will Arya be able to beat them all again this time or will she defeat them all herself? Episode 10 of Arya 2 answers this question.

13. Hostages

Image source – Hotstar

IMBD Rating – 6.8

Hostages is a web series full of crime, thriller, and suspense. Some masked men kidnap a doctor’s family the night before the operation of a big politician. And then threatens Dr to kill the politician during the operation.

Otherwise, we will kill your family. Who is behind all these games? You have to complete 10 episodes of Hostess Season 1 to unravel these secrets. It has 2 Season

To watch Hostages Season 2 you have to watch Season 1. Because this season 2 starts from there. Where season 1 ends. The first season saw how Prithvi Singh along with his teammates play the game with Dr and CM. But this time his game turns upside down. And this time Prithvi Singh escapes from the police and hides in a house with his family, friends, and some hostages. Now after this, what strategy does Prithvi Singh make to escape? And how does he get out of there by dodging the policeman? To know this you have to watch 12 episodes of season 2

14. City of Dreams 

indian web series to watch on hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 7.7

City of Dreams is a 2020 political drama series. It has been shown in the series that one day suddenly a big politician gets into an accident. And he is fighting between life and death. Then a battle begins between her child to get the throne of the father. In this series, dirty politics and greed for power and how the leader takes advantage of the people to get the power. It is shown very well. There is a total of 2 seasons of this series and in season 2 the story of season 1 has been extended. The first season has 10 episodes and the 2nd has 10 episodes.

15. Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors

best web series in hindi on hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 7.4

This is the second installment of Criminal Justice. In this episode, Madhav Mishra took an open and shut case of a woman who killed her own husband. The matter seems very open to all. Many secrets are hidden behind this murder. But Madhav Mishra solves this case very intelligently. But why this murder happens? To know this reason you have to watch the 8 episodes of this series on Hotstar   

16. Out of love

best web series hindi hotstar
Image source – Hotstar

IMBD Rating – 7

Out of Love is a remake of 2015’s Dr. Foster. Which was released in 2020 on Hoster. The story is of a middle-class family. In which there is a husband, and wife, and both of them have a son. And suddenly one day his wife comes to know that her husband is having an affair with some woman. And her husband was hiding this thing from her. Now what happens to the son between these two husbands and wife fighting, the same thing has been shown in this series. It has 2 seasons. The first season was released in 2020 and has 5 episodes. And season 2 released in 2022 and has 5 episodes. The same story is shown in both seasons.

17. Grahan

best web series hindi on hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 8.4

The series is based on a novel. The story of the 1984 riots is presented in this series. The series is shown in this. An IPS officer. Which gets the file of the 1984 riots re-examined. And then the story gets interesting. When the IPS officer comes to know that his father was also involved in that riot. In the last of this series, you will get to see something that will bring tears to your eyes. Grahan is the Hotstar best web series for suspense lovers. It has a single season and a total of 8 episodes.

18. The Empire

hotstar famous web series hindi
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IMBD Rating – 4.6

The series is based on a 2009 novel. Whose name is “Mughal Empire”. This series is a biography of Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire. The rise and fall of Babur are very well depicted in this series. How did Babur come to India? Babar fought a war in India. And how did he rule over India? This is shown in this. There is only one season of the series. And there are 8 episodes in total.

19. Criminal Justice 2019

must watch web series on hotstar
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IMBD Rating – 8.1

Created by filmmakers Cody Meares and Trevor Moore, The Series was Inspired by the 2016 HBO miniseries The Night Of, which itself is a remake of the 2008 British show Criminal Justice.

The series follows the life of a cab driver. Which is based on an incident that happened one night in Mumbai.

At night a drunken passenger sits in her car with the cab driver with whom he spends the night at her house. And when he wakes up in the morning he finds that the girl is dead. After this, the blame for that girl’s death is put on him. Its case is handled by a lawyer named Madhav Mishra, whose role is played by Pankaj Tripathi. How will Madhav Mishra prove the cab driver’s innocence now? And to know what happens with that cab driver in jail, you will have to watch the entire series of 10 episodes.

20. Pariwar : Pyar Ke Aage War

best web shows on hotstar
Image source – Hotstar

IMBD Rating – 6.8

The comedy series “Pariwar “is about a family gathering in their hometown to solve issues in the family. They didn’t know that the inheritance was a plot by the patriarch to reunite them and solve their issues. You should watch its 10 Episodes

In conclusion, Hotstar is a great platform for watching web series in Hindi. It offers a wide variety of series to choose from,  Overall, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to watch the Top Web series on Hotstar in Hindi

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