Top 20 Best Warm Places to Visit in February 2024


Hey, fellow travelers! The winter cold has you daydreaming about a sunny getaway, I’ve got the scoop on the Top 20 warm places to visit in February, perfect for all you awesome folks in the United States. While the chilly winds do their thing outside, imagine yourself enjoying the warmth of these fantastic destinations.

From beachy shores to lively cities, we’ve gathered the best places to thaw out and soak up some Vitamin D. Get ready to swap your snow boots for flip-flops as we take a virtual trip to the hottest spots across the nation. Let’s turn up the heat and make February a month to remember!

Best Warm Places to Visit in February 2024

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In February, Fort Lauderdale is a fantastic warm destination with temperatures reaching a high of 78 degrees and 12 hours of daylight. It’s a great place for adults, offering upscale shopping, live music, and beautiful beaches. Often called the “Venice of America,” it has waterways that give off a fancy yacht feeling, surrounded by shiny hotels and top-notch restaurants.

For a lively experience, check out Las Olas Boulevard with its fancy shops and dining options. Don’t forget to try the popular brunch at Big City Tavern, especially the delicious banana Nutella French toast. Fort Lauderdale used to be known for spring break parties, but now it’s transformed into a luxurious getaway with great seafood and 23 miles of sunny beaches.

O’ahu, Hawai’i

Escape the winter blues and head to Hawaii in February for a perfect warm getaway. With average temperatures ranging from 68°F to 79°F, you can enjoy the outdoors without the scorching heat. The constant trade winds act like a natural air conditioner, keeping the islands cool. Take advantage of the off-peak season, scoring great deals on hotels and car rentals, making your vacation budget-friendly. Experience a quieter Hawaii with fewer crowds compared to the summer months, providing a peaceful retreat. Embrace outdoor adventures like hiking, snorkeling, and surfing, taking advantage of the overcast weather for comfortable exploration.

February is also the ideal time for whale watching, especially in Maui, where humpback whales gather. Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture by attending unique festivals like the Waimea Cherry Blossom Heritage Festival and the Laupahoehoe Music Festival. Don’t miss out on special experiences such as the Kauai tubing adventure, offering a historical journey through irrigation canals with breathtaking island views. Hawaii in February is a fantastic blend of affordability, tranquility, and diverse activities for an unforgettable vacation.

Raglan, New Zealand

February in New Zealand offers an ideal escape with hot mid-summer temperatures, reaching around 77°F in Northland, Auckland, and the Coromandel Peninsula. Despite being peak tourism season, the return of local schools means reduced crowds at popular destinations, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. Camping becomes a more enjoyable experience with fewer local families, providing a quieter stay. With accessibility to all of New Zealand, you can choose your preferred destinations, whether it’s the stunning beaches of Northland, Coromandel Peninsula, Nelson, Abel Tasman National Park, or Golden Bay.

Hiking enthusiasts will find February perfect for trekking with good conditions and less crowded trails. Explore diverse mountain biking trails suitable for various experience levels. Cities like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch offer cultural experiences and historical sites. Don’t miss the significance of Waitangi Day on February 6th, marking a crucial historical agreement. Additionally, indulge in the Napier Art Deco Festival, celebrating the city’s unique heritage from the 1930s.

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona, attracts visitors in February as a warm escape from the winter blues. The city offers a variety of engaging events and pleasant weather during this month. With temperatures averaging around 70-75°F, Tucson provides a welcoming environment for outdoor activities. February brings unique cultural experiences, such as the Tucson Star Party for stargazing and the Valentine’s Market for local shopping. The city’s diverse events cater to different interests, from the Star Wars concert to the Family SciFest with STEM activities.

Additionally, Tucson hosts the renowned La Fiesta de los Vaqueros Tucson Rodeo, a thrilling nine-day rodeo event. The pleasant climate encourages exploration of the city’s public art through walking tours. Whether it’s enjoying a cozy onesie bar crawl or experiencing the blend of history and photography at the Tucson Museum of Art, February in Tucson offers a vibrant and warm escape for visitors seeking diverse and enjoyable experiences.

Conil de la Frontera, Spain

People visit Conil de la Frontera, Spain, in February because it’s a warm and lovely place. This seaside town has pretty white houses, colorful patios with flowers, and friendly locals. The beaches, like Los Bateles and La Fontanilla, are beautiful, and there are also charming coves. Even in February, you can enjoy the lively nightlife with open-air bars.

Adventure lovers can try exciting water sports, while nature enthusiasts can explore scenic trails and cliffs. The town has a rich history with unique landmarks like Iglesia de Santa Catalina. Foodies will love the “tuna crawl,” where you can try delicious seafood. Plus, finding a place to stay is easy with various options like hotels, apartments, and campsites. It’s a simple, warm, and welcoming destination in February.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

People visit Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in February because it’s warm and perfect for exploring. The weather is dry, making it great for visiting places like Angkor Wat, a massive historic temple with cool carvings. In the capital city, Phnom Penh, you can learn about the country’s history at museums like Tuol Sleng. The Cardamom Mountains offer a jungle adventure, and remote islands like Koh Rong are beautiful.

You can also see lots of wildlife at places like the Phnom Tamao Rescue Center. Don’t miss the lively markets and yummy street food. Cambodia has a unique culture and tasty dishes, like Fish Amok and Somlor Korko. In February, with warm temperatures and exciting attractions, Cambodia is a fantastic place to explore.

The Maldives

People love to visit the Maldives in February because it’s really warm and beautiful. The beaches with white sand and the underwater world are amazing. The weather is just perfect, not too hot or cold, around 25°C-30°C. February is the sunniest month, so you get a lot of sunshine, about 10 hours every day. It’s a great time for beach activities because the sea is warm, about 28°C.

The Maldives has about 1200 islands that are all well-kept and lovely. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the stunning beaches, nature, and landscapes. In February, everything looks even more fantastic with the sunny weather, making it a perfect warm place to visit in February.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

People love to visit New Orleans, Louisiana, in February for the lively Mardi Gras celebrations. The whole city bursts with colors, music, and a joyful atmosphere during this month-long carnival. The famous French Quarter becomes the center of action with parades, parties, and festivities. Families can enjoy Family Gras, a kid-friendly version of Mardi Gras, featuring parades, art markets, and outdoor concerts. Don’t miss trying the traditional King Cake, exploring Mardi Gras World to see parade floats being made, and visiting the Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture.

February in New Orleans also offers romantic experiences for Valentine’s Day, like cruises on the Mississippi River and romantic strolls in City Park. The city’s rich African-American history is celebrated during Black History Month, with significant sites like Congo Square. The mild weather in February adds to the charm, making it a perfect time to enjoy the cultural richness and festive vibes of New Orleans.

San Diego, California

In February, lots of people go to San Diego, California because it’s warm and comfy. The weather is around 63-67 degrees, just right to escape the winter cold. It’s not too crowded, and hotels are more affordable. There’s plenty of sunshine (21 days!), making it perfect for outdoor fun like biking, hiking, and surfing.

San Diego has cool places like the famous zoo, yummy food, and exciting events. You can enjoy Craft Beer Week, Museum Month, or even watch whales. Whether you want a romantic trip or a family adventure, San Diego in February is a great choice with its nice weather, sunny days, and not too many people around.

Koh Samui, Thailand

People go to Koh Samui in February because it’s warm and nice. The weather is around 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can enjoy the beautiful beaches like Chaweng and Lamai. You can relax on the sand, swim, and do water sports. February is also special because of Chinese New Year celebrations with colorful decorations and dragon dances.

There’s a sailing event called Samui Regatta, and you can explore cool temples. The food is fantastic, especially the Thai curry and fresh seafood. Koh Samui has a lively nightlife, especially at Chaweng Beach. Overall, February in Koh Samui is perfect for sun, relaxation, and fun activities.

U.S. Virgin Islands

People visit the U.S. Virgin Islands in February because it’s warm and sunny. The weather is nice, around 80 to 90 degrees. It’s a good time to get away from the cold winter. Many cruise ships come, so it’s busy and fun. You can relax on beautiful beaches and try different foods.

If you like outdoor stuff, there are things like kayaking and hiking. The islands have tasty local drinks, especially rum. February is a safe time to go because there are no hurricanes. The islands are like a happy and warm place to have a great vacation with lots of sun and beach fun.

Tenerife, Spain

Imagine you’re tired of the cold, and February feels a bit gloomy. That’s when Tenerife, a sunny island in Spain, becomes a magical escape. In February, when many places are chilly and grey, Tenerife is warm and filled with sunshine. It’s like stepping into a happy world with temperatures in the twenties, making you forget about winter jackets.

Flights to Tenerife are not too pricey, making it perfect for a pocket-friendly adventure. But here’s the real treat: February is carnival time! Picture this – lively parades, people in awesome costumes, and parties that last all night. It’s a burst of color and fun, breaking the February routine. Plus, Tenerife isn’t just about beaches; you can explore cool places comfortably. So, if you’re dreaming of warmth, fun, and a unique February, Tenerife is the place to be!

Big Island, Hawaii

Escape to Big Island, Hawaii, in February for a special island adventure. Picture this: gentle breezes, warm days around 79°F, and cool nights at 68°F. It’s not too hot or cold, just perfect. The wind, like a natural air conditioner, keeps you comfortable. February is a secret gem – fewer crowds mean more tranquility. Plus, you might get good deals on hotels and activities. Imagine hiking through stunning landscapes or snorkeling in the clear waters.

And don’t miss the incredible sight of humpback whales along Maui’s west coast. It’s a unique experience you won’t forget. So, if you’re dreaming of a warm, peaceful, and affordable getaway, Big Island, Hawaii, in February is your hidden paradise.

Sedona, Arizona

People actively seek the best warm places to visit In February, and Sedona, Arizona, emerges as an ideal destination for a cozy escape, There aren’t many people around, so you can enjoy the trails without it being too busy. The weather is cool, not too hot, so you can do fun things outside. The red rocks look extra amazing with a bit of snow on them. Places in Sedona have special deals, making it a good choice if you want to save money.

At night, you can see lots of stars because there aren’t too many lights around. Sedona has cool artsy places, like Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, where you can relax and have a good time. Going on guided hikes is also a cool way to see the beautiful nature. Overall, in February, Sedona is like a quiet, beautiful, and warmer escape from the cold.

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Santa Barbara, CA

People go to Santa Barbara in February because it’s like finding a warm, quiet haven. The weather is not too hot or too cold, just perfect for enjoying the outdoors with temperatures between 47 to 63°F (8-17°C). Even though it’s not the busiest time, there’s something special about the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, drawing movie fans from all over. Nature lovers get excited about whale watching, especially spotting gray whales migrating.

The Santa Ynez Mountains offer peaceful hiking trails with amazing views. Picture yourself on a romantic sunset sail or a thrilling hot air balloon ride, taking in the breathtaking sights of mountains and ocean. Santa Barbara in February is not just a trip; it’s a simple, warm escape with a touch of magic in a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

In February, many people choose to visit Big Bend National Park in Texas because it offers a warm and pleasant escape. The weather during this time is generally mild, with temperatures ranging from 40 to 72°F (5–22°C). This makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a break from colder climates. The park provides a unique and beautiful landscape with attractions like Santa Elena Canyon, Chisos Mountains, and Lost Mine Trail.

Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities comfortably, such as hiking and exploring nature, as the gentle breeze adds to the pleasant atmosphere. With fewer crowds and tranquil surroundings, February allows travelers to experience the beauty of Big Bend National Park in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

New Orleans, LA

People come to New Orleans in February because it’s warm and full of excitement. The city hosts Carnival and Mardi Gras, creating a lively atmosphere filled with colorful parades and celebrations. The weather is nice, making it perfect for outdoor activities like bike tours and swamp kayak adventures. Unique events like the Joan of Arc Parade, Chewbaccus Parade, and Krewe du Vieux add to the city’s charm with their fun themes and satire.

For those seeking a break from the festivities, a swamp kayak tour allows them to enjoy the emerging spring weather. February in New Orleans is not just about things to do; it’s a magical experience that combines culture, celebration, and the liberating spirit of Mardi Gras.

Catalina Island, CA

In February, many people go to Catalina Island, CA, for a nice and quiet vacation. Even though it might rain a bit, the rain doesn’t last long. The weather is cool but comfortable, with an average of 58°F (14°C). There’s a good amount of sunshine, around 11 hours in a day, making it great for outdoor activities.

Since it’s not the busy season, the island is not too crowded, giving visitors a peaceful time. Plus, some things might be cheaper. You can do fun stuff like ride in golf carts and take boat tours to see underwater life. So, in February, Catalina Island becomes a relaxed and affordable place to enjoy nature and have a calm holiday.

Las Vegas, NV

People choose to visit Las Vegas in February because it’s warm and nice at that time. February is special for Valentine’s Day, making it a romantic month in the city. The weather is comfortable, creating a perfect setting for exploring places like Red Rock Canyon, where you can hike, or enjoying a romantic gondola boat ride at The Venetian.

Las Vegas hosts exciting events like the Chinese New Year celebration, adding cultural experiences. Live concerts and diverse entertainment, including shows and festivals like Beer Zombies, make it the entertainment hub. February is less crowded than peak times, allowing for a more relaxed visit. Overall, it’s a great month to enjoy the warmth, entertainment, and unique attractions that Las Vegas offers.

Greater Palm Springs, California

In February, people visit Greater Palm Springs, California, for a warm and enjoyable getaway. The pleasant weather makes it ideal for outdoor activities. The month is filled with diverse events for everyone. Celebrate Black History Month with community events showcasing African American culture. Football lovers can enjoy the energetic atmosphere of the Big Game on February 12. Valentine’s Day offers romantic experiences, including delightful dinners and scenic strolls. Architecture enthusiasts shouldn’t miss Modernism Week, celebrating midcentury modern style.

Throughout the month, festivals like the Taste of Jalisco, art walks, and vintage markets provide cultural and entertaining experiences. With marathons, fairs, and food and wine festivals, Greater Palm Springs in February is a vibrant, diverse, and warm destination for all to enjoy.


Find the best warm places to visit in February for a delightful escape. Enjoy diverse experiences, from cultural celebrations to outdoor festivities and romantic moments. These destinations offer memorable experiences with pleasant weather and vibrant events. Whether you’re exploring or relaxing, February is the perfect time to discover the best warm places that suit your interests.

Note : The list isn’t chosen using any specific criteria. It’s just meant for information. We gathered this data from the internet.

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