What is timed out in cricket? Let's Talk Rules and the Angelo Mathews Drama!

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Mathews made history by being the first player timed out in a big cricket match

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Normally, batters get three minutes, but in the World Cup, it's only two minutes to be ready for the next ball after getting out

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Getting timed out is super rare in any cricket, not just the big tournaments.

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Sri Lanka was doing well, but everything changed when a player got out.

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Mathews faced a problem when his helmet strap broke while getting ready to bat.

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– Waiting for a new helmet took too long, and he got timed out, which is not usual.

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– This might start a big talk about how fair this is, like in other times when players got out in strange ways.

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– Mathews didn't need a helmet against the spin bowler, making it even more of a debate.

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– Some people think there was a mistake, and he was ready to play.

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– Sri Lanka is trying to get into the top eight to play in the 2025 Champions Trophy.

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What do you think about Angelo Mathews

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