Top 10 Architecture Firms in Delhi NCR


In the dynamic and culturally rich landscape of Delhi, the Top 10 Architecture Firms in Delhi, stand as beacons of design brilliance and innovation. This curated list showcases the most influential players in the architectural realm, whose exceptional work has left an indelible mark on the city’s skyline. These firms, known for their cutting-edge designs and diverse portfolios, have played a pivotal role in shaping Delhi’s architectural narrative. From iconic structures to sustainable urban planning, each firm on this list has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking approach, making them integral contributors to Delhi’s vibrant and evolving architectural identity.

Note : The list isn’t chosen using any specific criteria. It’s just meant for information. We gathered this data from the internet.

1. Sense Interiors 

Architecture Firms in Delhi

Sense Interiors, a renowned architecture firm in Delhi, stands as a reputable player with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in residential, industrial, commercial, hospitality, retail, and institutional projects, it is a world-class designing firm committed to excellence. With a dedicated project manager leading skilled professionals, Sense Interiors guarantees top-notch results. The firm prides itself on utilizing high-quality materials, embracing new technologies, and ensuring timely project completion, all while upholding the highest standards of workmanship. Choosing Sense Interiors ensures a seamless blend of experience, professionalism, and a commitment to delivering exceptional designs across diverse domains.

Address –  Okhla Phase 1, Delhi-110020.

Phone – +91-9821995637 

Website –

2. Morphogenesis

Architecture Firms in Delhi

Started in 1996, Morphogenesis is an architecture firm in Delhi. Founded by Sonali and Manit Rastogi. They want their designs to be comfy, safe, and livable, blending with the local climate. Their design philosophy, ‘SOUL,’ sees sustainability as a crucial part of design, not just a tech layer. Morphogenesis is known for planning homes, offices, and more. With offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi, it reimagines India’s architecture, using clever designs. They’ve won 95 awards in 8 countries, the first Indian firm to get the Singapore Institute of Architects Getz Award. Their work is in a book by Images Publishing.

Address – Okhla Phase-III, New Delhi 110020, India

Phone – +91 11 41828070

Website –

3. Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio

Studio Renesā, based in New Delhi and led by Sanjay Arora, is a creative design studio. They work with big companies, like a brick manufacturer, making cool projects like showrooms. Renesa does all kinds of designs for big places, houses, and even restaurants. Sanjay Arora, who graduated from IIT Roorkee in 1987, started the studio in 2006. Now, his son, Sanchit Arora, also helps run it. If you’re a student interested in making designs for industries, homes, schools, or shops, Studio Renesā is a great place to learn through internships.

Address –  JANAK PURI,NEW DELHI – 110058

Phone – +91-9953542461

Website –

4. Studio Lotus

Studio Lotus, founded in 2002, is a creative architecture and design firm in Delhi. Led by Ambrish Arora, Ankur Choksi, Sidhartha Talwar, Pankhuri Goel, and Asha Sairam, they focus on ‘Conscious Design,’ blending local culture and attention to detail. Their work spans diverse areas like adaptive reuse, hospitality, retail, and workspace design. The team collaborates closely, sharing responsibilities for each project. Studio Lotus stands out for its innovative projects, including a winning proposal for Mehrangarh Fort’s visitor center. For students eager to dive into such projects, Studio Lotus is among the best architecture firms in Delhi, offering valuable internship opportunities.

Address – Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Phone – + 91 11 4057 0808

Website –

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5. Anagram Architects

Architecture company in Delhi

Anagram Architects, based in New Delhi, is an award-winning firm founded in 2001 by Madhav Raman and Vaibhav Dimri. Their work emphasizes ecological reconnection and responsible living through innovative design. With 60+ national and international awards, including a 2010 Aga Khan nomination, the firm excels in offices, factories, infrastructure, and residences. Notable is the Cleft House project, a distinctive urban residence with a windowless white marble facade and a four-level daylit atrium. Madhav and Vaibhav drive constant innovation, focusing on context-specific, culturally relevant, and resource-efficient designs that go beyond physical sustainability. Anagram Architects is an excellent choice for interns interested in diverse projects.

Address – Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi, India

Phone – +91 11 46019103

Website –

6.Romi Khosla Design Studios

Architects in Delhi

Romi Khosla Design Studio, helmed by the talented duo Romi and Martand Khosla, is a distinguished firm celebrated for its diverse project portfolio. From boutique hotels and the National Gallery to playgrounds and affordable housing, the studio showcases versatility. Established by architects Romi and Martand, the studio thrives under Martand’s leadership, with Romi providing invaluable guidance in his retirement from his mountain retreat. Martand, an Architectural Association graduate, leads the team in crafting contemporary designs across architecture, interiors, and urban planning. For aspiring architects seeking internships, the studio offers opportunities in office design, luxury hotels, education, retail, residences, and urban development—a testament to its commitment to innovative and impactful design solutions.

Address – Maharani Bagh, New Delhi – 110065 INDIA

Phone – + 91.11.41730173 ,    41730174,   26834758

Website –

7.Vir.Mueller Architects

Founded in 2003 by Pankaj Vir Gupta and Christine Mueller, Vir.Mueller Architects is a top-notch design firm in Delhi. They expertly blend architectural research, education, and design practice. Pankaj and Christine, with experience from the US, Europe, and India, lead the studio. Their work, from office buildings to homes, focuses on clients’ needs, sites, and budgets. They emphasize material quality and craftsmanship, creating strong connections between spaces and architecture. Specializing in office, institutional, residential, urbanism, and research projects, Vir.Mueller Architects is a prime choice for internships. Aspiring architects can gain valuable insights and skills in a vibrant and innovative environment.

Address – Asian Games Village, New Delhi, 110049

Phone – +91 1126499992

Website –

8. ZED Lab

best Architects in Delhi

Founded by architects Sachin Rastogi and Payal Seth Rastogi in 2009, Zero Energy Design Lab (ZED Lab) stands out as a leading research-driven architecture and interior design studio. Specializing in net-zero energy buildings, the lab prioritizes sustainability, aiming to improve people’s lives by blending seamlessly with the environment. Through research, design, and construction, ZED Lab has gained recognition with award-winning projects spanning residential, hospitality, institutional, commercial, and industrial sectors. Offering a valuable experience for aspiring architects, ZED Lab is an ideal choice for internships, providing insights into innovative and economically sound building systems.

Address –  Civil Lines, New Delhi-110054 

Phone – +91 9999504445

Website –

9. Ultraconfidentiel

top Architecture Firms in Delhi

Ultraconfidentiel, based in New Delhi, is a distinguished design firm, stands out with over 16 years of industry expertise. specializing in cutting-edge workplace solutions. Renowned for their innovative approach, the company excels in elevating office spaces with a modern and functional aesthetic. Their expertise spans interior design, workspace strategy, and the development of corporate design guidelines. With a commitment to excellence, Ultraconfidentiel has established a stellar reputation for delivering tailored solutions that align seamlessly with clients’ visions. The company’s team of skilled professionals consistently transforms spaces into inspiring and efficient environments, showcasing their dedication to creating sophisticated and effective design solutions.

Address –  Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016 

Phone – +91 11 2651 9133

Website –

Spaces Architects@ka

best Architecture Firms in Delhi

Established in 2012 under the leadership of Kapil Aggarwal, Spaces Architects@ka is dedicated to the creation of functional and innovative spaces. With a mission to design environments that are both practical and aesthetically engaging, the studio operates on the philosophy that each building possesses a distinct identity. Emphasizing individuality, they tailor their designs to reflect the unique spirit of each project, considering its programmatic requirements and site context. Noteworthy is the ‘Screen House,’ a residential project strategically situated in an urban setting. This exemplar showcases the studio’s prowess in achieving a harmonious balance between ample daylight and privacy through the thoughtful integration of louvers and screens into the facade.

Address –  South Extension II, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

Phone – +91 011 2626 8108

Website –

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