Top 10 Construction Companies in Delhi NCR 2023


Note : The list isn’t chosen using any specific criteria. It’s just meant for information. We gathered this data from the internet.

Have you ever seen those big buildings and roads of Delhi? well guess what? There are specialized companies that make these! These companies are like builders of our city. They build tall buildings, bridges and even repair old places. Imagine them as real life superheroes for construction. In this blog we will know about top 10 construction companies in Delhi. They are the ones who turn ideas into real things that we can see and use. Let’s find out more about these amazing builders and how they make Delhi a great place to live in!

Jaypee Group Pvt Ltd. 

construction company in delhi ncr

Meet the Jaypee Group, a remarkable company with a rich history spanning over five decades. Founded by the visionary Shri. Jaiprakash Gaur, the group is a powerhouse in various fields. From constructing massive buildings to making cement, generating power, and creating real estate wonders, they’ve got it all covered. But that’s not all! They’re also into expressways, hospitality, healthcare, sports, and even education.

Dynacon Projects Pvt Ltd

construction companies in delhi ncr

Established in 1986, Dynacon Projects is a pioneering force in the Northern Indian construction landscape. Helmed by visionary leader Ashok Sarin, B.E., as the Managing Director, Dynacon Projects Pvt. Ltd. boasts an illustrious two-decade legacy in the construction industry. Renowned for its versatility, the company has sculpted an impressive portfolio comprising diverse ventures, from industrial marvels and residential havens to schools, corporate edifices, and IT parks. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Dynacon Projects stands tall as a cornerstone in the region’s construction realm, weaving dreams into architectural masterpieces.

Sense Projects Pvt Ltd 

construction company in ncr

Established in 2007, Sense Projects Pvt. Ltd. is leading construction company in Delhi. Their diverse expertise encompasses residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. From crafting appealing interiors and robust Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) structures to managing Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems, Sense Projects operates across Delhi NCR and major metropolitan cities. Headquartered in New Delhi, their commitment to collaboration and excellence underscores their reputation as a reliable partner in transforming spaces and erecting functional, aesthetically pleasing structures.

DLF India 

best construction company in delhi

DLF India, a admired construction company in Delhi, holds a 70+ year legacy for developing exceptional residential, commercial, and retail properties. Renowned for its excellence, it stands as a premier player in the industry. Operating across 15 countries and 24 Indian cities, DLF has left an indelible mark on real estate. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and transformative spaces, DLF continues to shape skylines and lifestyles, solidifying its position as a leader in construction expertise.


construction companies in delhi

Established in 1987 by Mr. Rohtas Goel, Omaxe is a leading construction company in Delhi. It ventured into real estate in 2001, crafting a legacy of impressive projects. Operating across 28 cities in 8 states, Omaxe is renowned for townships, residential apartments, malls, and upscale offices. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Omaxe continues to shape urban landscapes and contribute to the growth of real estate in India.

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Ajnara India Ltd

top 10 construction company in delhi

Established in 1991, Ajnara India Ltd has been a key player in real estate. They excel in various roles, creating quality residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality projects. With a pioneering spirit, they became the first in North India to be ISO 9001:2000 certified, underlining their commitment to excellence. Ajnara’s journey showcases their dedication to delivering outstanding projects, making them a respected name in the industry.

Unitech Group

top 10 construction company in delhi ncr

Unitech Group, a prominent construction company, has been a leader since 1971. They’ve shaped commercial projects, schools, hotels, and malls. Their expertise ranges from commercial complexes to IT/ITes parks, SEZs, integrated residential areas, schools, hotels, malls, golf courses, and amusement parks. With a long-standing presence and diverse portfolio, Unitech Group remains a significant player in the construction industry, contributing to various aspects of modern living and recreation.

Hindustan Construction Co Ltd

top construction company in delhi ncr

Hindustan Construction Company (HCC), shaping India’s growth since 1926, adds new achievements each year. They excel in industrial, power plant, highway, road, and dam construction. With headquarters in Mumbai and Delhi, HCC’s reach extends across the country with multiple offices. Their journey is a testament to their role in building India’s infrastructure, leaving a mark on roads, energy, and more, and continues to contribute to the nation’s development.

Emaar India Ltd

top 10 construction companies in delhi ncr

Emaar India Ltd, established in 2005, is a versatile company. They create commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, and leisure spaces in Delhi/NCR, Mohali, Indore, Jaipur, and Lucknow. With a global presence, Emaar is renowned for its remarkable projects in Dubai and other international markets. The company’s journey signifies its commitment to crafting diverse and exceptional spaces both in India and beyond, making a mark in real estate and contributing to the global skyline.

Punj Lloyd 

best construction company in delhi ncr

Punj Lloyd has left its mark across the globe, reaching Europe and the Americas. Specializing in energy and infrastructure, they offer comprehensive services in design, engineering, procurement, construction, and project management. Their expertise spans the Middle East, Africa, the Caspian region, Asia Pacific, and South Asia, delivering EPC services in Oil & Gas, Process, Civil Infrastructure, and Thermal Power sectors. Punj Lloyd’s international presence and diverse capabilities contribute significantly to the development of vital sectors, impacting regions far and wide with their extensive experience and commitment to excellence.


In 2023, the construction landscape of Delhi NCR is shaped by remarkable entities. These top 10 construction companies in Delhi NCR stand as pillars of excellence, with diverse expertise spanning residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and timely execution continues to redefine urban landscapes. With a blend of global experience and local understanding, they craft enduring structures. These companies play pivotal roles in building the future, addressing evolving needs sustainably. As Delhi NCR grows, their contributions resonate, setting benchmarks for the industry and uplifting communities through enduring, well-constructed spaces that enhance living and working experiences.

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