How SEO works Step by step guide for beginners


How SEO works for business or Website Step by step guide

If you are seeking the answer to “how SEO works” for businesses or Websites? then you have landed in the right place. here I will explain what is SEO and how does it work and its types and its factor and activity SEO in detail.

SEO is the activity. In which we do any website to rank it in Google’s search engine. We have to optimize a website to increase the visibility of websites on the search engine result page. We can say that SEO increases the search engine visibility of any website.

For beginners. I want to tell you this. SEO is just one part of digital marketing.

If you want to know about digital marketing in detail, then You must read my previous post “Definition of Digital Marketing | Beginner guide to learn.” in that post I have told you about digital marketing in great detail.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.
SEO is the activity. In which we do any website to rank it in Google’s search engine.
We have to optimize a website to increase the visibility of websites on search engine result pages

search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors
to a website by improving rankings in the algorithm search engine results

It means, what we get results on SERP is based on an algorithm ( SEO is the technique to increase the ranking on organic SERP with any specific keyword). SEO was discovered in 1991 and created 1st website & after many websites were created write multiple posts

I also said in the previous post that SEO is a process. There is as much activity to bring the website to the front page of the web page. It all comes under SEO. The website should be the search engine of Google or Yahoo, Bing any search engine. The website has to be customized. Only then does any website appear on the search engine result page (SERP).
We can say that SEO increases visibility in the search engine of any website.

The entire SEO works on algorithms that were giving value to quality, relevant( means what users want ) content, etc. these 3 things didn’t change

How search engine (SEO) work ?

how seo works
How SEO works

When users type any keyword in the Google Search engine. then, Google sends a request to the main server of Google via ranking Algorithm. and the Main server sends the request to the local server and local shows many websites related to keywords in SERP.

how SEO works?
crawling meaning – when crawler of Google crawl/understand or collect information of your websites through the link( late process)

Crawler meaning – It is bots/spider of Goggle

but you can submit your websites in Google search console so that your websites crawl as soon as possible (Fast process)

what is indexing– when crawlers of Google crawl your websites and categorize and submit your websites in Server of Google”s Server.

suppose, Google crawler crawls website-1 and goes to website-2 through the link and again goes to website-3 and again goes to website-4 through the link.

(Question)– But if your website is new then how crawler crawls your website because your website’s link is available
on any website?

(Answer)- you can submit your websites in the Google search console. it is tools of Google and Google’s crawler crawls your new website through the Google search console

Types of SEO

There are three types of SEO Basically

1) White hat SEO
2) Black hat SEO
3) Grey hat SEO

White Hat SEO –

All those activities come under the White Hat SEO. Which is according to Google’s policy.

Meaning Google makes a policy to increase the visibility of any website. Which every website has to accept. If we go against Google’s policy. So Google restricts our website.

In White Hat SEO, we do all the activities according to Google’s policies. It may take up to 3 months to customize the website in white hats.

This means that it takes 3 months to increase the website’s visibility by doing white hat SEO.
White hats do for long-term websites. If you also want your website to be for the long term or you want to make your website for the long term.

So you should do a white hat as well on your website. Google will never restrict your website. Big companies do white hat SEO for their websites

Black Hat Seo

All those activities come under the Black Hat SEO. Which is not according to Google’s policy.

In Balck Hat SEO, we do all the activities against Google’s policies. It may take up to 12 to 15 days to customize the website in Black hats.

This means that it takes 12 to 15 days to increase the website’s visibility by doing Black Hat SEO.
Black Hat SEO for the short-term website. If you also want your website to be for the short term or you want to make your website for the short term.

But I will not recommend Black Hat SEO.because Google will restrict your website in the next update or at any time. Big companies don’t do Black Hat SEO for their websites

Grey Hat SEO

In Grey Hat SEO, we do some activities against Google’s policies. It may take up to 4 to 5 months to customize the website in Grey Hat SEO.

This means that it takes 4 to 5 months to increase the website’s visibility by doing Grey Hat SEO.
In Grey Hat SEO, Google Warns but doesn’t penalize Google thinks that it has made a mistake and warns it and leaves.

You can do some activities against Google but I will not recommend but you can at your own risk.

What are the White hat SEO techniques?

There are two techniques of White Hat SEO

1) On-Page SEO
2) Off-Page SEO

1. On-Page SEO strategies

On page is SEO and activity in which we do inside our website post or article. it is related to content on your websites means if any changes in content then it comes under on-page SEO

All the elements of on-page SEO, you can control by yourself 100%. but On-page SEO should be done even if you rank #1 in the SERP because SEO is actually an ongoing process.

Eg, if your websites rank at 12 pm on SERP in #1 position then it is not compulsory that you still rank in #1. your competitor
can beat you in 1 hour.

Let’s understand with an example. Suppose your website is like a shop. You will get the painting done in your shop. That is, you will customize your website well.

Fill in the best products in your shop. Meaning you will write good content on your website. We will keep the good service of your shop. Meaning that you will keep the speed of your website good.

So in this way you can understand that all the work is done inside the website. They come under On-Page SEO

What kind of activity do we have to do under On-Page SEO?

Note- ( SEO depends on about 200 factors

Some of the On-page SEO factors,

Keyword research

Talking about keyword research is the most important factor of Seo.
Keyword Research makes SEO successful.

The keyword means “the particular words that users type in the search engine and performs their query“

We have to rank any page, blog, or article on any particular keywords”
That’s why we have to do 1keyword research.

There are many tools available for keyword research.
Some of which are paid and some are unpaid.

Free tools- google keyword planner, keyword everywhere, Keyword surfer.

Paid tools – Ahref, Semrush, and Ubbersuggest

If you are a beginner, I will recommend You should only use free tools now. How is keyword research done?

I will expose you with big details in the next post

Content –

In the field of digital marketing, it is said that content is king. How is your blog What happens on your sites? How will people connect to your sites? It depends on your content.

Content Should be

a. Unique Content
You have to write unique content on your sites. Meaning, your content should be informative.
If users come to your sites, they should get some valuable information

b. Fresh Content
And secondly, your content should be fresh. Meaning, your content should not be copied by any other websites. if your content is copied. then Google will penalize your websites.

c. Keyword density
It is the percentage of the number of times a keyword appears on your content. maximum 4 or 5 times your keyword should be on your content.

d. Heading tags–
h1 to H6 should be used in the correct palace. tag is usually the most visually notable content on the page
Use only one time because if you use 2 times tag. then, google distribute authority in two parts
The h1 should be from 20-70 Characters
use a focused long tail-keyword in your H1
Answer user intent with your H1

e. Word require for Blog or Article
Your blog should at least have 400 words.

f. Internal linking –
There must be a link in your blog that connects other pages of your website.

g. External link
A link that connects your website to another website. It is not necessary.

Meta Title & description

How SEO is Done When a user searches on a particular keyword, a lot of results are found on the search engine results page. 50 -60 character maximum should be available in Title and 155-160 characters should be available in Description Only the meta title and meta description appear on the search engine results page. You must keep your keyword once in the meta description and meta title of your blog or article. And write your blog’s attractive meta title and meta description. So that users can be attracted to your website.

URL Structure…

Keep the URL structure in the name of your article blog or page, or keep it with keywords.


Keep your mobile page blog or article according to the structure of the mobile.

Easy Navigation…

Your website is set up this way. Whatever users search on your websites. Find it easily. Like, suppose he has to go to another page. Whether to sign up for your website or share your content on social platforms and there are many activities as well.

Site speed…

The loading time of your websites should be fast. If the users want to come to your website then it does not take much time to open the website. Otherwise, the user will leave your website


robots.txt is a code. it helps google’s crawler to crawl our website’s pages and index.
Robot Decides which page of the website Google crawler has to visit and which page is not to go? Suppose you have 5 pages on your set and you want to index only 3 pages, you can do this with the help of a robot.

Canonical tags

If you have the same or similar content available under different URLs, you can use Canonical tags to specify which version is the Main one and thus, should be indexed.


A sitemap is a map of your website. when a crawler of google comes on your website then it crawls your all web pages with the help of XML sitemap easily and proper way. and finds every page the easy way. and one thing is to note that.

There are two types of sitemap.

1). XML sitemap – it is for crawler
2). Html sitemap– it is for users I explained about sitemap in a separate post.

These are some important factors of on-page SEO.

2. Off-page SEO

The work done outside the websites comes under the activity of off-page SEO. if off-page SEO is talked about, then it completely depends on the backlinks.

What are backlinks?
It is a kind of link that connects one website to another website through the link. Off-page SEO is a long process. When your website links to another website, it is called backlinks. And when your website links to another website, it is called an outbound link.
To increase the visibility of the website, the linking game continues. The website whose backlinks are good and more. His visibility is more in SEO. And that is, they get ranked very quickly in SERP.

Types of Backlinks in SEO
There are two types of Backlinks

1) Do follow Backlinks
2) No follow Backlinks

Do follow Backlinks –

When we take a link from any high or low authority website. So almost the entire authority (link juice) of that website gets to our website. Which makes it easy to rank our website in SEO. And the chances of increasing the visibility of our website in the search engine are increased.

No follow Backlinks –

When we take a link from any high and low authority website. So about half of that website (link juice) gets to our website. With which it is not nearly easy to rank our website in SEO.
And there is not much chance of increasing the visibility of our website in the search engine. So far we have understood that we can take do-follow backlinks from any website.
But no follow backlinks should be taken from the high authority website itself. Otherwise, the visibility of our websites will not increase. while traffics is increased.

I have written a separate post about backlinks in a very detailed way. In which I have told what are backlinks means in SEO and where to get backlinks? I have told you in full detail how to make it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. if you have any questions .then please ask me by commenting. if you think any aspect I left then please comment. I hope you understood well about the work of SEO but SEO is a broad topic. I will discuss more factors of SEO in the next post in full detail.

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