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What is the Definition of Digital Marketing? So, firstly let’s talk about only marketing. We previously knew about any product through TV, newspaper, banner, or template.

But now people watch YouTube instead of TV. And instead of newspapers, we read articles on blogs or the Internet. We see many products advertised on Facebook Insta and access that product through links. And take information about that….

Definition of Digital Marketing

To know the Definition of Digital Marketing. First of all, we have to understand Marketing. what happens? Selling anything to people is called marketing. But selling anything to people online is called digital marketing.

Or Converting any person online and selling the product is called digital marketing. So now comes the matter of how to sell someone after explaining them online.

What are the examples of digital marketing?

Sell any products through the digital platform is called Digital Marketing

So let’s talk about Traditional Marketing. We previously knew about any product through TV, newspaper, banner, or template.

But now people watch YouTube instead of TV. And instead of newspapers, we read articles on blogs or the Internet.

We see many product advertisements on Facebook Insta and access the product through links. And take information about it. Know about his service.

We collect every information about the products. Or read about it through a website. Take a review of that product. And if it is not good, we do not buy. This is our choice.

For Any Products

Let me give you an example. Suppose you have to buy a mobile. You will first search for it on the Internet. And you will be able to know what you want to know.

Suppose that you have discovered Mobile Oppo 11. A lot of links came on the front page of the internet (SERP). you went to a website, read about that mobile. And you bought that mobile. This process is called digital marketing.

Note – SERP means (Search engine result page)

Search engine result page

Another Example

Let’s take another example. Suppose you have a website. It has written about Mobile. Now somebody searched. Best Refrigerator under $ 1000, Or best Refrigerator under $1500.

So a lot of website links will appear on the front page of the web page. If my link appears on the front page. So there is a chance that people will come to my website.

Because we click on the same website. Who lives on the front page (SERP). And it would be good for me. Because the website is like a shop.

Which contains a product and information, article, or blog. And people want the right information. Those who would like it. And will spend time on the website.

In the future, they will come back to the website to get information. And if he will buy any product from this website or through this website. So it will benefit you and you will also benefit.

Another Example

Suppose there are three people. Ram, Shyam, and Rahul. Ram has a mass gainer company. Shyam has a very well-known website. On whose website many people study to get information. So Shyam wrote information about Ram’s product on his website.

Rahul needs a mass gainer. So Rahul searched. Best Mass Gainer. Shyam’s website appeared on the front page. And note down one thing. The SEO has to be done to bring the website to the front page.

Which we will study further in this post. So Shyam’s website came on the SERP. Rahul Read about Maas Gainer. And he liked the product. And he bought it.

So suppose the rate of mass gainer is 3000 Rs and Ram wants to sell it at 5000 Rs. So Shyam charged 500 Rs for writing about it and 200 Rs per packet commission when it was sold.

Similarly, how many people must have read and bought. Tell us, how much was the benefit?

I think you have understood about Definition of Digital Marketing.

Now it comes to light.

How does that website get made?

Two things are necessary for the website. Let’s understand with an example. If you want to buy a shop. So what is necessary for that? First, the address or name of the shop, such as Five Star tailor, and the second are land. In the same way, two things are necessary for a website. First Domain and Second are Hosting.

What is the domain ?

Now we have read above the website is like a shop.
The address of the website is called the domain. Like

And another question, what is Hosting?

Hosting is space on the Internet.

Just like we pay the rent of the shop. Similarly, to stay on the internet, we also have to pay the rent. And we have to pay for both domains and hosting.

We can buy Domains and Hosting from many places. Such as Godaddy and Hostgator. From there I bought online domains and hosting.

And I have to pay freight either in the month or in the year. The product is not necessarily physical. There are many such products.

Which are not physical. You will understand everything further in digital marketing

Now comes the issue of land and address. So we have bought both. That means our shop is complete. But the work is still to be done.

Denting and painting are yet to be done in our shop. That means it is yet to be made beautiful. So web designers and Graphic Designer do this work. Earlier the website was made with HTML and many programming languages ​​like PHP Java and still is made.

But this is the work of the web designer. But now we have a WordPress, blogger which is an application that can customize by itself. From which anyone can easily make.

If you want, you can write your own content by creating a website. And can earn money. But it also takes hard work. But anyone can make it.

Benefit of digital marketing

or, Benefits of online marketing

Suppose you have a company of mass gainer. So for whom would you advertise your product? You would like to show the information about your product only to boys and men between 16 and 45 years.

Not children will show women to girls and old men. If you advertise your product in a TV newspaper or banner. So all of these people who see it will be.

Suppose your product was viewed by 5 lakh people through TV newspapers and banners.
But 50,000 of them are people between 18 and 45 years old. Out of which 30,000 people are interested.

And if 20000 people have taken the product then it is not right to send our products to 500000 people, but through digital marketing, we can only reach our product to those people who have interest in my product.

Now you wonder how this can happen?

So let me remind you a little bit. You sign up on Google with your Gmail ID only. And in Gmail, you mention whether you are male or female. how old are you or above 18? Google keeps your details through Gmail. And with the help of Google, Advertiser reaches you.

So the advertiser will help in this. Because the advertiser’s product will reach the same people. Which really needs your product.

How digital marketing works?

You know this much. That we do digital marketing through the website. Because of digital marketing, our shop is our website. And the better the website, the faster it will be, the more beautiful it will be, and the more information the website will have. So people will keep visiting your website.

What is required for a website?

It is known. I have already told you. There are two most important things for a website. Domains and Hosting. I will tell you in a future post how the website is made.

The two most important things to run a website are SEO and content writing.

What to learn in digital marketing?

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
4. PPC (Pay Per Click) Or (Google Ads)
5. Email Marketing
6. Affiliate Marketing
7. Mobile Marketing
8. Youtube Marketing
9. Content Marketing
10. Freelancing

The following topics will be explained in detail in a further post one by one.

But Now SEO is the most important topic then now I will preview this but I will explain everything about SEO in a further post.

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing your websites to get organic, or unpaid, traffic from the search engine results page… we discussed SEO in a further post in detailed

you must have seen Google’s box.

In which we would search by writing anything
This box is called a search engine. Which is Google’s search engine? Similarly, there are other search engines. Like Yahoo, Bings, Yandex and Duck Duck Go, etc

Google is used by more than 68% of the world. Whereas Google uses more than 80% in India.
Bing is used more than 20% of the world. The use in India is low. And Yahoo, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo are much less used. But people do.

One more thing, I tell you SEO is the most valuable Career choice in the field of digital marketing in future

When we type a keyword in Google’s search engine box.

Now another question is what is this keyword?

So the keyword is the word that we search by writing in Google’s search engine. It is called Keyword. For example, we searched by writing “digital marketing”. Then “digital marketing” was called a keyword.

Then, we typed the keywords. So many website links came on the first page. Now tell me whose website is this all? This is their website.

Those who have written good content on their website. And then they have done their SEO well. Meaning that Google has done all the work on its website. Or gets it done through SEO. And Google puts forward that same page. Whose SEO is good.

SEO is the rule of Google itself. It is not that you have created a website and Google will start showing it at the top.

For that, you have to fulfill the rule made by Google. Only then your website will appear on the front page. There is a lot of activity in SEO. We will get to that in the coming post

How do earning money from websites?

Now let’s talk about how you can earn money by creating a website. The website you read above is like a shop. And when will the shop run? When the goods will be full in the shop, that is, the content will be full.

And the decoration will be in a good way means it will remain well customized. And the service of your shop will be good, that is, the SEO of your website will be done in a good way.

Only then will people come to your shop. To whom visitors or traffic speak in the language of the Internet. More visitors will come to your website.

That is a benefit for you because Google knows everything. How many visitors are coming on which website?

Now let’s talk about Google Adsense, which is a tool of Google. Which pays people to advertise on their websites.

Google image -: Image source Jan Schroeder

Which you can see on every website. Google Adsense will advertise on our website only. When more and more visitors come to your website. More visitors will come only then. When my website appears on the front page. And my website will come on the front page only when my website has become SEO in its good way. And SEO will be good only when I know SEO well

What is SEO? And what are the activities in it? I will tell you this is a very detailed way in the next post.
what is content writing?

Now you got so much information from the words (Content) written on my website. This is called content marketing. You can write your own content by creating your website. Or you can also sell another website by writing content.

Future of digital marketing

there are many opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing. You can consider Everything in today’s world depends on the Internet. There are lots of jobs available in the digital marketing field in the future

Definition of Digital Marketing

you can also do your business by learning digital marketing. You can make your small business into big business. And you can also work in any company with a higher salary. you can also do Freelancing ( it means, work from home without any boss and any tension of time table)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post “Definition of Digital Marketing” if you have any questions .then please ask me frequently by commenting. if you think any aspect I left then please comment

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