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How Started my Digital Marketing Career

Hi, Here, I will tell my story, How I started My Digital Marketing Career. from when I started to think about digital marketing to till digital marketing job. Everything You need to know before starting your career as Digital Marketer

year July  2019, I was in semester 6. My graduation almost was to end in August and I didn’t think anything about my career and future. Because generally most of the people of the place where I live are not very serious about their future and don’t think more. But  My Elder brother works abroad. He always used to ask me about my career. what’s your plan regarding your future career. But I always used to tell him that ok I will think anything. And when he used to call me always ask the same question and my reply used to also same.

But One day, My Elder brother sent me a youtube video on Whatsapp and the title of the video was Like ” Computer courses to earn money in India.” told me to watch and understand.

One more thing My second elder Brother is a Graphic Designer. Actually, he went to Delhi to learn Web Designing but later he chooses Graphic Designing. And one thing was revolving in my mind that I will learn Web Designing but that I didn’t know anything about Web Designing.

So let’s come to the topic.

I watched videos. in which animation, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Web Development, and Digital Marketing were.

First of all, I thought that I will do graphic Designing and on another side, my mind was saying web Designing. But I started watching videos on youtube to learn Graphic Designing. I felt that I  will not able to do it. and later I watched all videos related to Courses.

Got Interested in Digital marketing field

At last, I chose “Digital marketing” Because I got  Interest in digital marketing. How people run Online Businesses and websites and run Ads on Youtube and social media and different types of websites, and how to create a website without learning to code. Now I had to learn all the things. I had to learn SEO particularly that does not know at that time, the process of running a website was called SEO. I got more interest

Now I had started watching videos on youtube related to Digital Marketing.

Many channels teach free digital marketing courses.

I also subscribed to Digital Deepak for free courses. He is a big Digital Marketer of India. But I didn’t watch their videos because all videos available in English and  I had to learn in Hindi so that I understand clearly. I Belongs to Hindi medium School. Now You can understand my feelings.

I watched many videos and learn but Digital Marketing is a broad topic. such as,

  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing   ( SEM )
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization ( SMO)
  • Social Media Marketing ( SMM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google ADs
  • Email Marketing  etc

Now I started learning But I came to know that website is a must to learn digital marketing.

one more thing, 2 things are important for creating a website.

firstly Domain and secondly is Hosting.

what is domain and hosting and How to connect the domain with Hosting ?

this question is available in full detail on youtube and Google also. But I tell you here in simple words.

Domain means the name of your website. like is my website name.

And Hosting means space of your website on the Internet like an SD card.

Now come to the topic,

learn a lot of things by youtube or Blog

Now I started searching how a website is created. I came to know that first of all website is bought after that it created. But I watched some videos on “how to create a free website.”

you can also watch it on youtube. And finally, I created a free website on WordPress.  and started learning. But after some days I realized that there are many things that are not available on the free website. And you know well that.

So, Now I thought to buy a premium website. But I didn’t use to keep much money at that time. But Started adding money so that I could buy a domain and hosting for creating a website on WordPress.

And finally, I purchased both domains and hosting from Godaddy with my Pocket money in just 1000 rupees.

How to purchase Domain and hosting and how to connect it?

This question is also available on Youtube and Google also.

Now come to the topic,

Now I created a premium website on wordpress. now many options were available on WordPress than before.

Now next question is, I created a website but what will I do on the website? I mean which topic( Niche) I should write

So I didn’t understand at that time that what should I write. so, I wrote about Global warming, Greenhouse Gas, Pollution, and corruption. And I learned a lot of things about WordPress during posting content. and almost 3 months I worked on my website. it was not continuous. 

One more thing I worked all the things through my Mobile

So far, I had learned a lot of things. and decided that I will make my career as a Digital Marketer. But I didn’t tell anyone.

And in the last of the year 2019, I told my elder brother that I will do Digital Marketing. And His First question was that ” What is Digital Marketing?”

Because Nobody knows about Digital Marketing where I live.

But I explained to him according to my knowledge. and after that, He agreed. and Told me that Ok if you keep interested in it so DO.

And told me to search Institute of Digital Marketing.

And I started searching the Institue In Delhi. Because My second Elder brother is staying in Delhi.

If you stay in Big Cities then it’s ok But if you don’t stay in Big Cities then you have to go to Big Cities to do Course or you can do learn Online. Many institutes teach Online.

I searched many local institutes where My brother stay.

And I found lots of institutes. Because Many Institute is available in Delhi.

So I didn’t understand that which Institute is Best for me.

SO I watched videos on youtube on “how to choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute”.

And I got many suggestions and ideas about the institute and got to know many things regarding Courses.

If you have no idea regarding digital marketing courses. Here are some tips and ideas to select the best digital marketing institute for you. Click on the below link and go through the link

Choose Best Digital Marketing Institute

Read also :Tips to Choose Best Digital Marketing Institute

I reached Delhi on 25th February 2020. and after the rest of one day. which I created a list of those Digital Marketing institutes. Now I visited one by one there and asked my queries and tried to see and understand the environment of the institute. And at last, I chose the best Digital Marketing Institute according to me

when I took admission. then, I created a list. which has I mentioned on the other blog. if you want to know How to choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute. Tips for Beginners. A Complete Guide for Beginners. If want to read the list. so click on the above link.

So I took admission On 1st  March 2020. I began to start to go to the institute.

I remember that the first day was the introduction class for students and an overview of the course. and the founder of the institute took the class himself.

He told us one thing that so far what you studied in school or college. that is not your skill but that made you mentally strong. but, Today companies only want skills which actually they need.

And many Online platforms are available like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork. who provide us opportunities to work as per our skill.

so, suddenly Sir asked me what is your skill to work on them?

And, I replied that I can teach what I learn. But sir replied me, No This is not a technical skill. so you have to learn technical skills so that you can work on them. like digital Marketing skills. there are many skills in Digital Marketing. Like,  SEO, Content writing, PPC, SMM Email Marketing, etc, or many other skills like web designing, web developments, Graphic Designing, Etc.

And class began. In the beginning, days, which they were teaching, I was able to understand very well. But my classmate was not able to understand. And the big reason behind this was that I learned a lot from youtube before joining the institute. I had also kept created my own website. And I had learned practical knowledge by myself. so I was able to understand very well. But my classmate was not able .

Now My Digital Marketing career started

Thus, My digital Marketing journey started from 1st March 2020. and after 20 days. 20 March 2020 was my last physical class because of Covid-19. After that rest of the class was Online. and I completed my Digital marketing course Online. After completing the training, I had also done 1 month of Internship. Actually where I had taken admission. that is also an Agency of  Digital Marketing. means It provides Digital Marketing Services also.

During the Internship, One of my teacher’s taken Interviews of some students on the basis of our knowledge. And after completing the course. He gave opportunities for us. after One month of Internship. I came back my home. because My last examination of B.Sc was left. I am also a failed Student. It means I failed my Final examination of Graduation in 2019. So I had given the exam again In November 2020. And This time I pass.

After that, At the beginning of February 2021, I went to Delhi for Job and after lots of Interviews I got selected as an Intern and Now I have a full-time job. And My position is as an SEO Executive at my company. and My salary is according to my Knowledge or experience and also Expectations.


This is My story from when I started to think about Digital Marketing  And Now I am working as a Digital marketer.

If you have potential, then definitely you should try. And on the basis of your hard work and potential, you can work as a DIgital marketer or run your own business through the digital marketing skills

And one more thing, I told you already Digital marketing is a broad field. So Focus on one core subject and just learn and apply. There are lots of opportunities in Digital marketing but You should have the potential. you must be a quick learner. because the Digital Marketing field is changing Day by Day. So it is not necessary that you learn in 2021. And in 2022 you will able to get a job. No, You have to up to date.

So, My story and tips are completed. Now if You have potential. then learn and apply. and write your story on your own blog or website so that more people get inspired from you.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my post “How Started my Digital Marketing Career”. If you have any questions .then please ask me frequently by commenting. if you think any aspect I left then please comment

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