Incognito tabs in Android will now require your biometrics in Google Chrome.

Incognito mode is used to keep your data safe till now

Google chrome has rolled out more security to Android apps.

The new Google Chrome setting will lock your incognito tabs immediately after you exit Chrome.

And to open it again your biometric is needed.

Now if you give your mobile to anyone to use the internet then you will not have any hesitation.

Biometric authentication started in 2020.

When Some Google Apps on iOS Added a "Privacy Screen"

iOS users used to require Touch or Face ID authentication to open Google Chrome

After that Google take time about one year to implement it on Android.

But unfortunately, Android users can only use biometrics

But Face recognition will not support on Android.

This feature is not fully rolled out. This means everyone will not able to use it.

9to5 Google stated that the lock feature on Incognito is now available via Chrome flag.

Try it: Type on your google chrome search bar chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android