Unity Small Finance Bank | First Digital bank of India


Unity Small Finance Bank is India’s first truly digital bank. Which was founded by Centrum Financial Services and Bharat Pe.

Bharat Pay is one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies in India. Which provides UPI scanners, swipe machines, and sound boxes for digital payments to small shopkeepers and businesses.
Now, it started a bank that is completely digital.

Purpose of Unity Small Finance Bank

Its aim is to make banking easier for all.
A professional and strong leadership team from Centrum Financial Services and Bharat Pe will provide us with the best digital banking services with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Unity means One and the company’s outlook on Unity is One Nation, One Person, and One Bank.

It is poised to create best-in-class and new-age banking products that cater to a diverse set of customers as well as small businesses.

It implies the convergence of various technologies to make banking simple and convenient for customers.

India’s First completely Digital bank

Unity Small Finance Bank is a fully digital bank. So you can open your account online and do every activity online.
You do not need to go to the bank for this. And you can also do your KYC online. You can operate your savings, current, and loan accounts online by yourself.

In this, you also get the facility to earn money and take loans.
You can earn up to 12% interest per annum by depositing money in Unity Small Finance Bank. And you can visit any of our branches at any time.

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Unity Small Finance Bank aims at providing a seamless experience of transparent, secure, and convenient banking experience to small and medium-sized businesses.


Let us tell you that Unity Small Finance Bank was the first PMC bank to go bankrupt. It was later bought by Bharat Pay and Centrum Financial Services. And after RBI approval, it starts as Unity Small Finance Bank

If you are a PMC Bank account holder then you can withdraw your money using Unity Small Finance Bank App.
If you want, you can also make fixed deposit money in it. And the company will also advise you to deposit fixed money, in return for which you will get an interest of 7% per annum.

Unity Small Finance Bank provides Micro Finance

Microfinance Loans are given to Women Entrepreneurs of India granted under the Joint Liability Group Model for different structures and purposes


In microloans, loans up to 8000 for the tenor of 24 months are given to promote small businesses.

Micro enterprises loan

In micro enterprises loans, loans up to 300000 for the duration of 36 months are given to promote Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises like Traders and retailers and small manufacturers as well as Service providers.

Arogya Dhara (Wash loans)

In Arogya Dhara (Wash loans), loans up to 300000 for building sustainable facilities for safe water and sanitation.
Its purpose is to turn our village into smart and sustainable cities. And this is the first step toward development and sustainable

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