My Netgear AX1800 WiFi Extender is Not Working After the Firmware Update

The Netgear AX1800 WiFi Extender is the wifi6 mesh range booster. This extender expands the range in the 1550sq.ft. with the connection of up to 20 devices. The device is used to connect more devices and enjoy video streaming, watching movies, online gaming, etc. the Netgear expands the range with the 1.5Gbps internet speed. The security of the device is very strong through the WPA/WPA2. The model number of the Netgear booster is EAX20-100EUS. the connectivity of the device with the wifi connection. This is connected with the router through the wifi. The device is controlled by the Netgear app for managing the services and Netgear ax1800 wifi extender setup. This device is working with other devices perfectly in the roaming area. There is a four-gigabit Ethernet port, reset button, and power button. It is mandatory to connect the modem with the router for making a connection.

Full control of the device at your fingertips through the app. You can operate this device reliably. The OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology helps to increase the data speed of the device.

Features of the Netgear wireless range booster

To commence with, There are various features of the Netgear smart extender device.


The security of the device is based on the WPA/WPA2. You can set any password of 8 characters anytime through the app. If any time you forget the security key. So, you need to reset the device.

Global compatibility

This device is connected to every router, gateway, and modem. You need the wifi with the router wifi. The device will connect to the router with the Ethernet cable. You can connect every company device router with this.

High internet performance

The device provides strong internet performance for enjoyment and completing the work. This extender delivers the 1.5Gbps speed with up to 20 device connections.

Work in roaming

This device worked well in the roaming area. Your device does not disconnect connection When you move around the home and your device placement.


The management and every type of process are very simple. All the settings and connection is modified by the Netgear app. For the setup of the device, only you need to tap the WPS button.

These are the characteristics of the Netgear wifi signal booster.

Solve the not working issue of Netgear AX1800 WiFi Extender

Recently, I updated my device but it does not work and connect to a computer or laptop. Here, I will discuss the solution along with the reason for not working in the beneath lines.

Reboot the Netgear extender:

First, the extender does not provide wide coverage and stops working due to technical issues after some time. To solve this you should try to reboot your device.

For rebooting the device, disconnect all the connections from the extender. Secondly, unplug the device from the electric switch. Thirdly, wait for almost 10-15 minutes. Then, plug in the devices. Then, connect to the router and computer. At last, your device is working well.

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Change the connection

When your device is not connecting to the computer or laptop. Due to the interference of the gadgets. To solve this problem try to connect your device through the Ethernet cable.

Initially, disconnect your device to the extender from the wifi connection. After that, connect your extender to the router through the Ethernet cable and change the connection type from the setting. Then, connect it to the cable. At last, text the security key to connect. Your device does connects to the extender.

Check the internet connection 

Due to the problem with the internet connection, your extender is not working. Check the internet connection from the settings. If all the settings are correct then, take the number of the service providers to the envelope and contact him about the solution of your issue. Follow the steps according to the internet service provider. Thus, the extender works well and connects to the computer with the great internet performance of the extender.

Update the Netgear AX1800 WiFi Extender firmware again

If your device is not working with newly updated firmware. So, you should update the new firmware for better performance. When you update firmware due to some issues your device firmware is not working properly. Come on the setting and tap on the update option. After that, the installation of new files starts through the play store. Finally, your device must work well.


The Netgear AX1800 WiFi Extender is the best device to expand the router network in the low zone range area. This product purchase by my friend last month. I went home on his birthday. Then, I saw this device. After one and a half hours, I came back home. I read all about this device from the google manual and envelope. I also read the solutions of mywifiext not working. After 1 week, I purchased my own device for our home and till now, it is working perfectly.

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