Salon Software Features | Top 4 Important Features

The beauty salon industry is one industry that can never go down. Salon Software features are made to help human beings in every task they are assigned to. Irrespective of the nature of the task whether it is a complex task or a series of simple tasks to be done perfectly under a close deadline.

What Were the Drawbacks of Conventional Salon Bookings?

The software has electronic file features that help the client and the management staff of the salon. The practitioner doesn’t need to ask about any of your personal or medical information. Because they already have it on the application.

The traditional method included a lot of paperwork luckily with the help of software. The client doesn’t need to bring along any file or identity verification document. Because every possible information salon could ask will already be on the software servers against their names.

·         Time Saver:

Before the software, management staff had a lot of burdens on their shoulders including dealing with the new clients, taking tabs on the customer care portal, managing the staff members and their issues, booking appointments, etc. It included a lot of time at the same routine tasks which can easily be automated these days. In this way, the software saves a great amount of time for the staff.

·         Double Booking:

The rate of human error was at its peak during the time of manual bookings. Double booking was a normal thing to face every day. The staff members book two clients with the same practitioner at the same time. This is considered a blunder these days because people living in the age of software have a slightly less patience level than their descendants.

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What Are the Salon Software Features?

The use of software in the business field has drastically increased due to its popularity and user-friendly features. Following are some prominent features of a beauty center software:

1.    Automation:

Software is famous for saving time mainly due to this feature of automation. Because using this feature helps you in many ways. This feature helps you make your salon go on autopilot.

One can create templates of emails tailored for membership holders of the salon. And can also create ready-to-go replies for customers at the customers portal. Where they come to ask questions or leave some suggestions for the betterment of the salon.

Management staff put on a series of questions and answers which are triggered by sensing the customer behavior. Until a customer representative approaches the customer and helps them with the concern they are facing.

2.    Customer Engagement:

The customer is a high priority for the customer service businesses. The salon software makes it easy for salon owners to track customer behavior on the premises of their salon. This tracked data helps the owner of the salon to observe customers’ behavior and take actions accordingly which would help them set or update their new marketing policies.

Customer engagement is valuable for the salon business. Because the staff or the owner of the salon can’t connect with the customer, they can’t develop trust to put their concerns and opinions on the table. This is where mobile applications become helpful. These applications are specially tailored according to the client’s needs. There user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand layout of the application alleviates the user experience.

The dashboard of the application gives you access to every possible feature of your need to give you an optimal user experience. You will have access to book an appointment for yourself for any service you may like. You can change your personal information on the software and can have access to your membership information if you have any.

The dashboard will also be showing you the payment methods and history of transactions. You have ever made it to the salon using the software.

3.    Membership Management:

The software can control every matter of the business. Including keeping track of all the transactions made and canceled. This helps in observing the customer behavior towards the salon. The software can also show the statistics of the remaining memberships of the membership holder.

The membership packages provide the clients with a lot of benefits which one can be curious of. The staff might have explained them in detail but it is easy to forget these little things. This is why access to the membership status can help with the curiosity of finding out the remaining benefits.

4.    Payment Methods:

Keeping the history of the payments of the services a client has received is an important task for the business. However, it is a time-consuming and hectic job for one person. But with the help of software, it is no task to be worried about.

The clients are bound to pay for the service, they wish to entertain with, at the time of the booking. If they were booking for the appointment through the manual method they would have needed to come to the salon in person. And pay for the service in person as a reliable source according to that time. Today software has it all covered, it saves the history of each activity of every individual of the salon, i.e., staff and customer.

This means the payment history with exact time and dates are saved on the servers of the software allowing the administration staff access in an hour of need. The multiple payment methods availability prevents you from the embarrassment of not having cash when the salon only receives cash for their services. This feature of Wellyx software could save you a lot of trouble. You just need to trust it for once and the rest will go along.

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