How To Troubleshoot Wansview Wireless Security Camera device?

The Wansview wireless security camera comes with 1080P in high-definition resolution and helps to show a crystal clear live video to you and helps to keep an eye on your property anywhere anytime with the help of its cloud app. The Wansview security camera does not support 5G but works with a 2.4 G WiFi connection. It provides a two-way audio system like a microphone and speaker and it also works with the Amazon Alexa. You can ask Alexa to show the front door view or backside view or any room view.

The Wansview wireless security camera enables the best security and privacy protection technology which means no one can access your camera without your acknowledgment. But users used to face some problems while installing the camera. So in this article, we will fix some issues related to the Wansview wireless security camera. 

Troubleshoot the Wansview wireless security camera

Sometimes the Wansview wireless security camera does not work appropriately and users have problems like the Wansview camera not connecting to wifi, the camera is not working, security issues, and many more problems created before or after installation. In this article, we will solve your problem as much as possible.

When your Wansview wireless camera is not working appropriately

In case your Wansview camera stops working or not responding. To fix this issue, ensure that your cameras connect to the WiFi and also check that WiFi should be providing reliable internet access. Check the distance between the router and the WiFi should not be so far. For indoor security, the camera should be placed at a maximum distance of 30 feet and for outdoor security. You can place it at a distance of 50 feet from the router.

When your wireless cam is not able to get back online

In case you forgot you forgot your app password and you are not accessing the app and still it shows that your camera is online. In that case, you can perform the factory reset operation. To reset the Wansview camera press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds with the help of a paper pin or toothpick. Press until it starts flashing the red light of your camera. On the other hand, you can also change the user settings by accessing the app then tap ‘>’  and press enter to edit the camera page and find the Advanced user setting to look over the password.

When your surveillance camera is not connecting to the WiFi

Many of the Wansview users got troubled with this issue. This happens because your WiFi router may be old or may have a past version. This is the reason that it does not support the camera’s WiFi channel.

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You should have updated the firmware of the Wansview security camera or maybe your internet connection is unstable. Check the reliability of the WiFi connection. If there is the problem of instability in the WiFi connection, then this can cause drops of the WiFi signal. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

When your Wansview security camera keeps flashing blue light.

When your camera keeps blinking the blue light. Then it means your wireless camera already receives the camera’s information but the network connectivity is bad. In that case, you should reboot your router. Firstly, perform the reset operation. Just press and hold the reset button of the router for 15 seconds until it starts blinking red light. Then it’s ready to reset to default factory settings. After that, open the Wansview cloud app, click on the ‘+’ sign and select the K3 and follow the given instructions in the app. It consists of the ONVIF Protocol feature.

When your Wansview Cloud app is not responding 

In case your Wansview cloud app is not working, then go to the settings of your cloud app. Select the option of Wansview cloud and tap on the Notifications option. Also, check whether the notification enables or not. If it’s not on then enable the notification of the cloud app. In case you are not getting the notification of the alert sound. Maybe you have muted the app notification and re-verify that turn on the app notification. You can easily get a security camera setup from the app.

When the Wanview camera is not connected to your mobile device

In case your camera is not connected to the mobile device then perform the reboot security to fix this issue. You can reboot your wireless security camera to clear the cache to flush or settings to recalibrate and check the internet connections.

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