How to connect RangeXTD Wifi Extender | Beginners Guide

Easy instructions to connect RangeXTD Wifi Extender booster

The RangeXTD WiFi Extender is the Next-generation Wifi extender which super home network and system routers. It eliminates dead zones by extending the network connection at every corner of your home, offices, and apartments. It comes with a dual-band in-built antenna which provides outstanding transmission rate and wireless performance and LED signal to find an ideal location to get the best network connection. Walls and metal objects will not be the obstruction for network connection. It also maintains the signal strength even penetrating through the walls. It gives transmission speed up to 300MBps through which video streaming can be done without any lag. Without paying an extra charge, it expands wireless network coverage. 

The RangeXTD setup is very quick and easy and can also complete in various ways. It also has a power button, mode selector, 3x WiFi signal, WPS button, Reset button, LAN LED, WPS LED with LAN and WAN port.

RangeXTD WiFi Extender Manual Setup with System Device

The RangeXTD WiFi Extender can be connected to the system by adding a wireless computer with an Ethernet Cable or WPS button. Now we are going to explain that how you can connect the RangeXTD WiFi Extender by WPS button.

To Connect Using WPS Button

The easiest way to accomplish the connection is by using the WPS button. Firstly, log in to your system and hold the WPS button on the extender for 5 to 7 seconds. Now the WPS LED light starts blinking for a minute. Press the WPS button on the system device while the LED lights blink. The system device is now automatically connected to the extender and all settings are applied.

To Connect Using Ethernet Cable

Plug the device to power and connect the extender and system device using the RJ45 cable. On the system device, click on the start button and go to the control panel. Type Network computers and also devices in the search box. Now click on the system-like icon to add the device and connect it.

Troubleshooting Steps for RangeXTD WiFi Extender

The RangeXTD wifi booster troubleshooting steps can follow as per the instructions available below.

Enter in the address field of the web browser to check whether the device has default settings or not. Press and hold the reset button for 8 to 10 seconds and wait for the blinking indicator to turn off. After resetting the RangeXTD extender, unplug it for 12 seconds. Now plug it again and wait for 35 seconds. A WiFi network with RangeXTD will appear on mobile or system devices when you visit the settings. A new login interface will appear. Type the default password and tap on the login button. Click on Router or AP when a new web page opens after login. Select the SSID network from the list and enter the password for the wireless router. Click on Apply button and the device is rebooted. Visit WLAN settings and also connect to a new SSID network after the rebooting process accomplish. 

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RangeXTD WiFi Extender Key Features


It gives a surfing speed of 300MBps without and buffering. Video streaming and games can be played seamlessly.


It provides a very secure connection as it has WPA/WPA2 security. Data files will not bleak while surfing the internet. Using an Ethernet cable provides additional security as compared to a wireless connection.

Easy Setup

The RangeXTD setup process is very quick and easy, can also complete within a minute to start enjoying the internet connection.


Because of its small, compact, and portable design. It can be placed and connected anywhere.

Availability and Reliability

Easily available at offline stores and on digital platforms. 24*7 customer support makes it more reliable to use this extender.

RangeXTD WiFi Extender is Real or Scam?

I have also used this extender for the last 15 months. I brought it from companies official website. The device is working and is still a better product than the updated versions of the extender used nowadays. All features are still working and provide amazing network signals and strength. Easily connects to any router and setup can also complete within a minute. Video streaming and lag-free games boost the user experience. Portable design, easy availability, and secure connection make this device more useful Final words from me, It’s a also real product and buyers should definitely go for this product.

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