11 Best Free Content Writing Tools for a Website?


Best Free Content Writing Tools

Whether it’s an onsite blog or an offsite article, the quality of content matters. Any type of content requires effort. Writing demands brainstorming for which sharpness is necessary. A simple blog requires a quality from which it can rank on Google. The feeling of a content writer is different as he is curious to know what’s the review of people on his article.

Characteristics of a Good Content:

A finer content is the only one that ranks in Google. Writers are beneficial for a firm if their content helps them in getting clients. The abilities of remarkable content are:

  • Engaging Content
  • Readable Content
  • Searchable for Audience
  • Helps in Business

Free Tools for a Powerful Content writing :

There are many remarkable tools to generate website content. Some are paid and many are free for the comfort of the audience. Some best free content writing tools are:

1.   Grammarly Tool

Grammarly is an amazing free content writing tool. No, it’s not to write content, it’s to mark grammar mistakes from it. Yes, people have to put their content in it and it will show grammar errors. It has an extension that people can add to their browser. This extension will guide people to improve the content they have.

  • Premium version of this tool will improve more mistakes in the content
  • It also has an extension for Microsoft Word.

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2.   BuzzSumo Tool

Content is all about SEO. So, the online tool for content should support SEO. Here, BuzzSumo is a tool that is helping people to improve the title of the content. It is a title-generating tool to make powerful content. A title is important for content like water for humans. It is a free online title creating a tool for impactful content.

  • Write keyword on it and get the relevant title
  • It will provide different titles by putting the same keyword again.

3.   Google Trends Tool

Content is based on Google ranking. Thus, people need to check its trend while writing content. This tool is to check the most popular searches in a month or year. People can estimate the search volume of their keyword in a year. The bloggers need the relevant searches before generating a blog.

  • Free to search the related keyword topic
  • The paid version has more options to search more trends

4.   Headline Analyzer Tool

Again, a free title generator is here. The fact is, a title will make the content engaging. It is the first impression any people get about the content. People have to post their title in this tool and it will show the reviews of people on it. A title is the first thing from which people open the URL of the content.

  • Shows search volume of the title
  • Suggest relevant blogs as a tip

5.   Answer the Public Tool

Yes, the name of this tool says it all. People may look for the blog idea from it. Anyone can enter a keyword and will get the relevant answer or title. The keyword can be from one to two words. The tool will generate the possible titles people want from their entered keyword. The improvisation of the content is on a wonderful title.

  • It generates the graph of words from which people can start a title
  • The words like why and what will guide people to start their blog title.

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6.   Word Counter Tool

People look for the answer to the question that how many words are enough for a blog. No one can answer it properly. Still, there are many free tools to count the words of a blog as a word counter. Whether the article is about a social or private topic, length never matters. The thing which is important in content is the quality.

  • Paste the content and get results
  • No blog has a word limit

7.   Evernote Tool

Noting down the points while writing will help a content writer. Hence, an Evernote may help to keep a writer productive. He can write all the blog-related points in it. It is available online and even in an app. The writers need a tool that will save their data automatically. It’s the reason for using Evernote for free.

  • Desktop to mobile syncing
  • Get the To-do-list from it

8.   Quetext Tool

After writing content, plagiarism checking is worthy. Duplicate content will never crawl in google. Google will recognize the duplication of a blog. Therefore, Quetext is helping people to check the uniqueness of their content free. The client has to put some words on this site and will receive the plagiarism details.

  • A free account has a word limit
  • Mentions the plagiarized line with the copied source

9.   Googe Keyword Planner

It will help in advertising a business. Yes, to generate a keyword for content is to advertise a business. People need relevant keywords to add to their content. The Googe Keyword Planner will show all the competition of the blog. The keywords from a tool will motivate people to generate relevant content.

  • Search keywords for SEO
  • Collect keyword phrases

10. WordStream Tool

Writers need a stream of words. A tool is also on the same concept to find useful words for content creation. A free tool like WordStream will search keywords for the client. The search for a keyword was a difficult task. An online tool will make it comfy for the clients like writers to increase the value of their content.

  • Display the competitors
  • Relevant keyword for industry and country

11. Writer Tool

A free plagiarism tool is a necessity for all writers. The Writers is a tool especially for the content writers to check the quality of their blog. It will highlight the duplicate part in the content. The writer can analyze his copied lines and may change them.

  • Grammar to spelling check
  • Online free searching for matching sources

Ending Point:

Whether it’s a blog or any other article, a writer need all type of content creating and managing tools. Management of content will help it to get fame in its audience.

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